Wednesday 24 May 2017

2017 World Crokinole Championship Fantasy Pool

It’s that time of year again to pull out your nail file for your best shooting finger, adjust your sleep schedule for an early morning, and begin hydrating for a humid (and hopefully) long day. 

But it’s also once again time to refresh your crokinole stats files and algorithms and think about who you will select for the 2017 WCC Fantasy Pool. Last year Roy Campbell edged out Jon Conrad by only 10 points for the 2016 Fantasy title, as he joined 2015 winner, Clare Kuepfer, on the distinguished list of champions.

So will a new victor emerge in 2017? You will get to play a part in deciding if that is the case.

The rules are simple (and the same as last year): 
1. Pick the best 8 player team consisting of:
    - 2 players from Group A
    - 2 players from Group B
    - 2 players from Group C
    - and 2 players from Group D.
2. The higher up your players finish, the more points your team earns.
3. Whoever has the team with the most points will win the coveted title of Crokinole Fantasy Champion, and bragging rights until their title is challenged next year.

NOTE: Fantasy Pool results are limited to the Competitive Singles category.

The separation into 4 different groups is designed to spread out the talent, so a the winning team will require a strong showing from many different players who outperform their expectations.

This year, the groups were divided based on CrokinoleCentre rankings and the 2016 WCC results. 
  • Group A - The top 4 CrokinoleCentre ranked players. 
  • Group B - All of the players who are either ranked in the top 10 by CrokinoleCentre, or who finished in the top 10 in the 2016 WCC.
  • Group C - The top 25 from CrokinoleCentre’s rankings, or anyone who finished in the top 25 in the 2016 WCC.
  • Group D - Any player not listed in Groups A, B or C. As a guide, a list of notable players have been provided.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Justin Slater
Jason Beierling
Dwayne Campbell
Lloyd Wiseman
Ray Beierling
Fred Slater
Rex Johnston
Dave Brown
Nathan Walsh
Tom Johnston
Howard Martin
Robert Weeks
Jon Conrad
Andrew Hutchinson
Rueben Jong
Peter Tarle

Roy Campbell
Ezra Jantzi
Nathan Jongsma

Clare Kuepfer
Dale Henry
Alex Protas

Raymond Kappes
Bev Vaillancourt
Rueben Jong

Eric Miltenburg
Ab Leitch
Jennifer Carstairs

Robert Bonnett
Gregory Pinel
Peter Ryan

Roger Vaillancourt
Cathy Kuepfer
Dave Meijer

Randy Harris
Wayne Scott
Douglas Neill

Brian Simpson
Barry Kiggins
Peter Carter

Kevin Brooks
Jacob Westerhof

Lawson Lea
Daryl MacDonald

Rob C Mader
Christina Campbell

Matt Brown
Connor Reinman

Kevin Bechtel
Jeremy Tracey

Merv Wice

Wilfred Smith

NOTE: For Group D, you are allowed to select anyone not listed in Groups A, B or C. The players listed here are simply a small collection of notable players eligible to be selected.

Points will be awarded as follows:
1st - 100
2nd - 90
3rd - 85
4th - 80
5th-8th - 70
9th-12th - 65
13th-16th - 60
17th-20th - 50
21st-25th - 45
26th-30th - 40
31st-35th - 35
36th-40th - 30
41st-45th - 25
46th-50th - 20
51st-60th - 15
61st-70th - 10

>71st - 5

To solve the issue of not knowing who is attending the event, there will be printouts provided at the tournament to set your Fantasy team at the last minute. Entries will be accepted until 1:30pm EST on June 3rd, 2016. 

That being said, feel free to comment below on your strategy and current picks to get a discussion rolling.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Just making sure, is Reuben Jong a Sr./Jr. situation? My picks will be a shot in the dark anyways, but I can't say no to a little friendly competition!

    1. Nope, accidentally put him down twice. Rueben is in Group C, so not available for a Group D selection.