Friday 10 June 2016

2016 World Crokinole Championship - Fantasy Pool Results

Well it was quite a day for crokinole last Saturday, and there will be more analysis and video to follow, but first we have to hand out the final prize of the World Crokinole tournament.

And that prize is the winner of the 2nd Annual Crokinole Fantasy Pool.

I want to thank everyone who was spreading the word about the pool and promoting the idea. 35 entries were received, and that’s due to a good number of people being directed over to the NCA booth to submit a team.

Posted below are the top 10 finishers. (If you would like your own score and position, please send me a message.)

And the winner is . . . 

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Roy Campbell
Justin Slater Matt Brown Ab Leitch Eric Miltenburg
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Fred Slater Barry Kiggins
Jon Conrad
Justin Slater Robert Bonnett Ab Leitch Eric Miltenburg
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Clare Kuepfer Barry Kiggins
Nathan Walsh
Justin Slater Ray Kappes Fred Slater Peter Tarle
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Kevin Bechtel Barry Kiggins
Ray Beierling
Justin Slater Ray Kappes Ab Leitch Eric Miltenburg
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Clare Kuepfer Dwayne Campbell
Andrew Hutchinson
Justin Slater Tom Johnston Ab Leitch Eric Miltenburg
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Clare Kuepfer Bev Vaillancourt
Matt Brown
Justin Slater Tom Johnston Ab Leitch Peter Tarle
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Howard Martin Eric Miltenburg
Jason Beierling
Justin Slater Ray Kappes Ab Leitch Bev Vaillancourt
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Kevin Bechtel David Younker
Cathy Kuepfer
Jon Conrad Matt Brown Clare Kuepfer Eric Miltenburg
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Fred Slater Bev Vaillancourt
Randy Harris
Jon Conrad Tom Johnston Randy Harris Ron Haymes
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Fred Slater Eric Miltenburg
Robert Bonnett
Justin Slater Matt Brown Reuben Jong Eric Miltenburg
Ray Beierling Nathan Walsh Howard Martin Peter Tarle

Roy Campbell wins the title with 580 points, narrowly ahead of Jon Conrad in second, and Nathan Walsh and Ray Beierling tied in third.

For his prominent prediction powers, Roy Campbell will win a T-Shirt compliments of CrokinoleDepot

Further Analysis
With so many more entries this year, along with the ability to make selections up until the final minute, there were a lot interesting things to note.

1. While Nathan Walsh, Ray Beierling and Jason Beierling were all able to correctly select the top 4 finishers in the event, Roy Campbell amassed enough points for first place by being the only person to have all 8 selection finish in the top 20.

2. There were quite a few Merv Wice fans in attendance. As many as 3 entries were submitted with such bold confidence that Merv Wice was the one and only pick on the entire team.

3. Most of the people who made initial online team selections were over-written with a new ballot on the day of. Jon Conrad was one of the few to stick with his initial picks, and it impressively resulted in a 2nd place result.

4. Out of all of the selections, Ray Beierling was the most popular choice, being chosen on 19 different entries. Just behind Ray was Justin Slater, appearing on 17 entries.

5. The most popular choices from Group B were Nathan Walsh and Matt Brown. From Group C, Clare Kuepfer, Ab Leitch and Fred Slater were selected numerous times. Meanwhile, Group D had many varied selections, but Eric Miltenburg was a common choice.

6. The top 2 teams (Campbell and Conrad), earned a significant number points from their Group D selections of Eric Miltenburg and Barry Kiggins. Both players had extremely strong showings at the tournament, finishing 5th and 12th respectively.

7. Credit has to be given to some of the underdog stories of the tournament. To the detriment of most fantasy team selections, the following players made the top 16, but were not chosen on more than 2 teams: Randy Harris, Kevin Brooks, and Lawson Lea.

8. In case you were wondering, Roy Campbell’s score of 580 was only 40 points away from the best possible team selection, which was:
Group A - Justin Slater (1st), Ray Beierling (3rd)
Group B - Nathan Walsh (2nd), Ray Kappes (4th)
Group C - Randy Harris (9th), Kevin Brooks (11th)
Group D - Eric Miltenburg (5th), Barry Kiggins (12th)
That team would have earned 620 points.

So congratulations to Roy Campbell. His title of 2016 Crokinole Fantasy Champion did not come easy with so many entries, but he has earned bragging rights until next year (and the aforementioned CrokinoleDepot T-Shirt).

Thanks again to all for participating. Let me know if you have any suggestions to make it better in 2017.


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    1. Thanks Nathan, it's nice to see that the pool is picking up popularity. I expected to do better in the fantasy pool than at the tournament itself (even though I picked myself - hey, you gotta have SOME faith, right) but I didn't even make top ten for my Fantasy Pool picks. I guess I have to attribute success at the tournament to practicing with Fred and Justin the night before. We'll see if I can keep it up the rest of the year and maybe end up in the 'A' or 'B' pools. I was surprised to be a popular choice in 'D' but I guess if you show up at enough tournaments people might think 'hey, I see that guy all the time, he must be half-decent'. Anyway, a great pool, thanks for doing all the math Nathan.

    2. Thanks Eric! I also have to thank you for directing so many people over to the NCA table to submit entries. My setup wasn't too noticeable, so you spreading the news throughout the morning was a big reason so many people were involved in the pool this year.

      You make a good point about the distinction between the Pools. 2 years ago I went off my rankings, and this year I tried to use the 2015 WCC results. Neither are perfect, but I just can't think of something better. I'm leaning towards continuing to use the previous years results to make up the pools (in which case you'll definitely be in A or B), but I'll be open to suggestions.

  2. I Had to use my wife's name. This is Randy Harris. I had fun doing the fantasy pool. Thanks for putting it on Nathan. I was surprised to see I was tied with 8th place. I'm sure you put a lot into deciding how to score but I had thought. What about getting the points for the place the person finished in, 1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and so on and have low score win?

    1. Hi Randy. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Since there's no money on the line, enjoyment is basically the only goal of the pool.

      I didn't put much thought into the Points allocation. Arbitrarily, I just assigned 100 for first, and then broke it down in increments from there. I'm open to suggestions, so I could bounce this suggestion off of some other people and see if they like it. It would definitely make the Pool D selections more important, as selecting any player who doesn't finish high up in the standings will hurt more.