Monday 25 April 2016

Crokinole is over 140 years old, but it has never travelled like this

Another crokinole innovation has come out of CrokinoleDepot, and just in time for the 2016 World Crokinole Championship.

The 2010 Creation: The 20 Board
CrokinoleDepot is responsible for the introduction of the 20 Board and the ground-breaking 20 Holder to the crokinole world. While their annual Crokinole Post was most of the inspiration for the creation of this blog. Their latest creation: “Crokinole 2 Go”.

The new innovation solves the common problem with high quality crokinole boards of inconvenient size and width, and provides a unique way to compact the game to a two-player travel form.

“We are very excited to introduce Crokinole 2 Go to crokinole players and gamers everywhere.  It is our latest contribution to the crokinole community and it fills a huge void in the market”, says Jason Beierling, co-owner and marketing manager of Crokinole Depot. “This 2 player version of the game is great for beginners and professionals alike.  It is the perfect size to travel with, yet it maintains the same feel and fun of the original game.”

Tournament style crokinole boards ($200+) have an outside diameter of 30 inches or more.  This makes the game very awkward to travel with, space consuming to store, and difficult to handle.  Crokinole 2 Go has measurements of 21x12 inches, making it convenient for travel, easy to store and a breeze to manipulate.  This new product, priced at $100, offers the same quality materials and construction for half the cost of the traditional game. 

Ray Beierling, co-owner and head of product development at Crokinole Depot had this to say. “The centre hole, 15 circle, posts, and discs of Crokinole 2 Go are all tournament board specs.  This allows a player to get the same angles, bounces and shot selection they would get from a regulation board.  The side ditches are an integral part of the design and keep the discs from bouncing back into play.  We have put a lot of time, thought and effort into this product and we know it is a 20.”  

As detailed on the CrokinoleDepot website, the $100 board can be purchased at a discount of $95 for any order placed before June 4th, and at $90 for any pre-order set for pickup at the World Crokinole Championships on June 4th in Tavistock.

This board should help solve that common crokinole itch that players get when they are looking to get a quick game in anywhere they go. To learn more about Crokinole 2 Go, Crokinole Depot, or the Beierling Brothers, visit the website or email or  

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