Wednesday 27 May 2015

2015 World Crokinole Championship Fantasy Pool

With under 2 weeks to go until the World Championships you may only want to focus on preparing your game for the world’s best. But have you taken time to think about how the day will shape up? Who’s going to come out of nowhere? Who’s going to falter? And most importantly, who’s going to win the 17th World Championship?

Do you want to finally prove once and for all your prediction prowess? Are you afraid that your prognostications will go unheard despite being astonishingly accurate?

Well why not take your hand at picking a team for the first ever Crokinole Fantasy Pool?

The rules are simple: 
1. Pick the best 8 player team consisting of 2 players from Group A, 2 players from Group B, 2 from Group C, and 2 from Group D.
2. The higher up your players finish, the more points your team earns.
3. Whoever has the team with the most points will win the coveted title of Crokinole Fantasy Champion, and bragging rights until their title is challenged next year.

The separation into 4 different groups is designed to spread out the talent, so the winning team will require a strong showing from many different players, who outperform their expectations.

I initially thought about drafting the groups subjectively by my own choosing, but then thought it should probably have some objective basis. As such, the groups are determined based on the current CrokinoleCentre Rankings.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
(The top 6 CrokinoleCentre Ranked players.)
(Rankings from 7-20)
(Rankings from 21-40)
You may pick any player not listed in Groups A, B, or C.
Justin Slater
Jason Beierling
Ron Reesor
Brian Henry
Ray Beierling
Matt Brown
Brian Simpson
Kyle Vaillancourt
Nathan Walsh
Roy Campbell
Reuben Jong
Rob Mader
Fred Slater
Tom Johnston
Ab Leitch
Ed Ripley
Brian Cook
Clare Kuepfer
Alex Protas
Barry Kiggins
Jon Conrad
Eric Miltenburg
Chris Gorsline
Ralph Hargrave

John Harvey
Dale Henry
Abijah Jong

Dave Brown
Tony Snyder
Kevin Bechtel

Rex Johnston
Peter Carter
Raymond Kappes

Howard Martin
Cathy Kuepfer
Bob Mader

Robert Bonnett
Paul Brubacher
Jeremy Gunn

Roger Vaillancourt
Gloria Walsh
Beverly Vaillancourt

Peter Tarle
Ray Haymes
John Lichty

Louis Gauthier
Jody Good
Kevin Brooks

Nathan Jongsma
Bob Jones

Linda Irvine
Curt Currie

Quin Erzinger
Ewen MacPhail

Ron Haymes
Richard Guptill

Adrian Conradi
Daryl MacDonald

Michael Hughes
David Younker

Note: For Group D the players listed above are ranked 41 to 60, but you are also permitted to pick any player not included in any of the other groups.

This is where a little inside information can make the difference. If you know of a real ringer coming in, or you want to take a chance, then select that player for your team.

As an example team, for the 2014 World Championships, the ideal team would have included
Group A - Brian Cook (1st) and Justin Slater (2nd)
Group B - Matt Brown (4th) and John Harvey (7th)
Group C - Ray Haymes (13th) and Tony Snyder (15th)
Group D - Ezra Yantzi (10th) and Kevin Bechtel (14th)

This would have met all conditions for player choices (2 from each group) and put all 8 players in the top 15. Notice the choice of Ezra Jantzi would have been an “off the board” pick as he is not listed in Group D.

Points will be awarded to each member of a team as follows:
1st - 100
2nd - 90
3rd - 85
4th - 80
5th-8th - 70
9th-12th - 65
13th-16th - 60
17th-20th - 50
21st-25th - 45
26th-30th - 40
31st-35th - 35
36th-40th - 30
41st-45th - 25
46th-50th - 20
51st-60th - 15
61st-70th - 10
>71st - 5

The ideal 2014 team would have earned:
100 (Cook) + 90 (Slater) + 80 (Brown) + 70 (Harvey) + 65 (Yantzi) + 60 (Haymes) + 60 (Bechtel) + 60 (Snyder) = 585 points

Enter your team roster with a comment below. Entries will be accepted until 1:30pm EST on June 6th, 2015.

Entries can be made in the comments of the NING Website, or on CrokinoleCentre.

Good luck and have fun!

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