Monday 3 March 2014

6th Annual BC Crokinole Championship

Photo courtesy of Oliver BC News

As the sun rose on a cold and snowy 1st of March, the 6th Annual BC Crokinole Championship got under way with a few words by Oliver’s mayor, then the preliminary rounds of doubles play commenced.  There were 8 teams for the competitive division and 14 teams for the recreational division.  5 Games were played, and after the results were in, the top 4 teams from each division advance into the semi-finals.  Another round of 3 games determined who was to play for first place.  After the wax had settled, we ended up with Ralph Hargrave and Linda Irvine facing the familiar pair of Michael Hughes and Jody Good.  These teams had met last year to determine the champion, and at the conclusion of a very close three game final, first place went to Michael Hughes and Jody Good.  Personally, I can’t wait to see next year’s rubber match!

The recreational doubles title was claimed by Bruce Slater and Andreas Wins-Purdy. 

A lunch break was had as the efficient set up crew got the afternoon ready for singles play.  Also at the tournament was a silent auction and raffle prizes donated by the many local sponsors of the tournament.

At 12:30 PM, singles play started.  After 10 games, the scores that proceeded into the Round of 8 were as follows:
  1. Michael Hughes 56/53
  2. Quin Erzinger 55/82
  3. Jody Good 54/87
  4. Adrian Conradi 51/63
  5. Linda Irvine 47/76
  6. Ralph Hargrave 45/56
  7. Wayne Ripley 41/49
  8. Nancy Clarke 40/51

As you can see, Jody Good took home the award for most 20s for the second year in a row with 87, including a perfect round in one of his matches.

Seven more games were played to determine the four semi-finalists, scores below:
  1. Linda Irvine 39/53
  2. Quin Erzinger 38/54
  3. Jody Good 29/40
  4. Adrian Conradi 28/48

Semi-final play was a display of skill and nerve that was extremely entertaining to watch.  Its conclusion produced the finalists, Adrian Conradi and Quin Erzinger.  Adrian won the first game 6-0 and took the final with a 4-4 win in the second round, decided by twenties.

Linda Irvine defeated Jody Good 2-1 to take third place.

The recreation division title went to Andreas Wins-Purdy who beat Wilf Pauls in the final.  Saje Good and Brendan Pauls finished third and fourth, respectively.

Although the weather may have been cold in Oliver, the atmosphere throughout the day was anything but.  It is always a treat to see players, competitive or otherwise, from across Canada come together to have a blast spending the day playing crokinole.  I invite every one of you to join us for the 7th Annual BC Crokinole Championship.

Until next year,

Quin Erzinger

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